Table Pose

October 17, 2013 by Luana Mercy

Sanskrit Name: Bidalasana

Focus: Floor

Cautions: Back injury, headache, carpal tunnel syndrome, pregnancy

Strengthens back, abdominals, hips and shoulders
Helps relieve stress and fatigue
Soothes sciatica


  • support yourself on hands and knees
  • shoulders are stacked over wrists, hips are stacked over knees
  • hips are square to the ground
  • lift your right arm straight out in front and the left leg directly to the rear
  • repeat with left arm and right leg

Beginners: Don’t put too much pressure on your supporting hip, keep back and core strong and be sure hips are square to the ground

Advanced: Increase instability and core strengthening by drawing your arm back and leg forward touching knee to elbow in a diagonal line across the body.


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