Half Moon Pose

December 12, 2013 by Luana Mercy

Focus: hand

Cautions: Neck Strain, High Blood Pressure

Strengthens the ankles and legs
Strengthens the shoulders
Trains the body to stabilize the core


  • Stand with feet hip distance apart and bend knees coming down to a squat.
  • Place the hands on the ground comfortably in front of you with the fingers pointed forward.
  • Keeping your hands on the ground, straighten legs, lifting the right leg off the ground.
  • As you continue to straighten the supporting leg, take the right hand off the ground bringing the arm perpendicular to the body.
  • If you can balance comfortably, reach the right arm and turn the right side of the body towards the ceiling.

Beginners: use a block under the hand or use a wall

Advanced: look towards the ceiling or shift your body weight over your supporting leg, allowing you lift your supporting arms off the round.


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