Pyramid or Intense Stretch Pose

December 12, 2013 by Luana Mercy

Sanskrit: Parsvottanasana

Focus: Nose

Cautions: High blood pressure or shoulder problems should keep arms forward.

Stretches the chest, forearms and hamstrings
Strengthens the shoulders and arms and the muscles of the back


  • Standing in Mountain pose
  • Step the left foot back to a closed hip position so that you are covering about three quarters of your mat.
  • Press the back heel into the ground, keep equal weight on both feet.
  • Keep the hips as square as possible to the front edge of the mat.
  • Hinge the body forward at the hips and reach the arms towards the floor on either side of the foot while keeping the back straight.

Beginners: Hand can reach to the knee or thigh instead of the floor if flexibility is restricted.

Advanced: Pose can be performed with arms behind the back; either with hands holding opposite elbows or with hands in namaste.


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