Luana Mercy

Hi. I’m Luana Mercy, I’ve been teaching yoga in Kitchener since 2013. Yoga can bring us flexibility and strength but the real value of yoga is the breath awareness and cultivating a calmed mind in order to create meditative movement. Linking breath with movement creates a flowing practice that is beautiful, enjoyable and beneficial.

You don’t have to turn up the heat to get glistening, working the big muscles of the body and working with ujjayi breathing will naturally build a little heat. We will generate some prana energy that we will channel back into the body during meditation.

The benefits of yoga are too many to count but just to name a few : improved oxygenation of the body, improved digestion, improved flexibility of body and mind, strength building, posture awareness, coordination, balance and learning how to calm the mind.

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I am a certified Yoga Specialist through CPTN and hold a valid Red Cross Emergency First Aid certificate and listed on the Yoga Directory Canada website.

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