Hi, I’m Karen of Soul Connection Yoga, welcome. If you love to move your body, learn, and have fun, you’re in the right place.

I’ve been geeking out on movement health and mindset for over a decade as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nutrition Coach, Senior Yoga Teacher and Advanced SUP Instructor.

It’s taken me three decades to find ways of nurturing and moving my body that are fun, progressive and sustainable. I’ve taken my knowledge and expertise in the human body, fused it with my favourite ways to learn and move and pulled together communities who thrive on those things too! Soul Connection Yoga fuses Functional Movement, Yoga Asana and Philosophy with Eastern and Western Health and Psychology.

I’m passionate about helping you LEARN TO CONNECT WITH & MOVE AS YOUR BODY INTENDED,
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My yoga and wellbeing offerings are inclusive, creative and progressive, BUT above all else we PLAY! If you want to connect with your community, give me a shout xox


Functional Yoga

Have you disregarded Yoga in the past as being ‘fluffy’? Are you concerned that Yoga could do more harm than good? Do you need to learn and play to feel good? Soul Connection Yoga classes are alignment focused, designed to create a strong and flexible body that allows you to do the things you love with ease. As you calm the mind and progressively challenge the body, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

Yoga for Active People

Is designed by me, a rider, runner, paddler, hiker and adventure enthusiast just like you! There’s no spiritual stuff to make you feel out of place, just a functional focus to make activity time better! Move with greater ease, with a strong, pain free body. Practise in the clothes you feel comfy in. In a room that feels like home, with people who love what you love and struggle with the same physical aches, pains and injuries.

Paddleboard Yoga

Are you a nature nerd like me? Do you thrive on green spaces and bird song? Do you have a lttle crazy streak that says, let’s play! Then SUP Yoga is your next movement addiction. SUP Yoga offers fun, challenge and peace in equal measure. Every movement is purposeful, thought through and carefully executed, unless of course you fancy a dip! It’s Moving Meditation with a massive grin.