Live-Stream classes

Our Live-Stream classes take place via Zoom which you will need to download to your device. Below are the class ID codes and Passwords which change weekly.

To enhance your practise we suggest your camera is ON and set up so that your teacher CAN SEE YOU. This will provide greater support in the development of your practise.

Equipment that is used regularly in class: 2 x Yoga blocks, Yoga strap/belt.

To Access a class follow these steps.

Simply click on the join button for each class


  1. Log In to Zoom on your device
  2. Click: JOIN A MEETING
  3. Enter the Zoom Meeting ID for the class you want to attend

Evening Flow Yoga

A class designed to unravel tightness and discomfort in the pain through mobility and flexibility. Ideal for anyone looking for a freer feeling in the body.

Meeting Link  Meeting ID 837 2959 2442


Yoga for Energy

An express flowing Vinyasa practise designed to awaken and mobilise the whole body. You can expect to move with the breath free from static holds.

Meeting Link  Meeting ID: 846 6013 4071