New Releases!

Make sure to check back here for our most recent releases to our On-Demand library.

Flow & Go

A Vinyasa flow class created to help shift your mental state when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 40 minute class

Hip Hip Hooray

A mix of low to the floor flowing poses and Yin holds to bring nourishment to the hips and T spine. Look out for Suki Dog too! 40 minute class.

Here Comes the Sun

Looking to feel stronger and more confident in your Chatarunga and Up-Dog? In this class we’ll iron out the sticky spots as you perfect your Sun Salute! 40 min class.

Just a Good Stretch

Tired, tight muscles? When you just need a good stretch, this is the class for you. 30 min Class.

Espresso Yoga

Start your day with the Yoga BUZZ! Enjoy this energising flow as part of your morning wake-up routine. Class Length 15 min.

Just Flow

A Vinyasa practise that links breath and movement in a continual flow of poses with a few cheeky mobility drills to keep your body feeling good!