Under 20

Watch, pause, rewind. Enjoy our short tutorials and drills designed to help you develop, refine and focus your practise.

Espresso Yoga

Start your day with the Yoga BUZZ! Enjoy this energising flow as part of your morning wake-up routine. Class Length 15 min.

Wrist Therapy

Mobilise and strengthen your wrists and combat carpal tunnel syndrome with this Movement as Medicine mini class. 20 minute class.

Spine Therapy – Movement as Medicine

Use movement as medicine to unlock a stiff, painful back and spine. 20 minute class.

Shoulder Therapy – Movement as Medicine

Release stressed shoulders as you loosen tight and tired muscles. 20 minute class.

Neck Therapy -Movement as Medicine

Part 1 in this four part mini series focuses on mobilising and stretching the neck muscles. 20 minute class.

Car Park Yoga for Riders

An express pre-ride sequence, that can be done in the car park before you head out on the bike. Designed to mobilise and prep the ankles, hips, spine, neck and wrists.

Post Ride Spine Release

Ease out your upper back with my all-time fav spinal release movement. You will need a foam roller or similar. 10 minute class.

Dead Bug

Tap into your core; obliques, TVA and rectus abdominus with Dead Bug in all it’s variations. 15 minute class.

Cross-Body Patterning

Sudoku for the body. Mobilise the hips, fire up your core. Challenge your balance. And all at the same time! 15 minute class.

Shoulder Strength & Stability

Fancy learning how to achieve Forearm Balance? We’ll strengthen and stabilise key muscles to bring you closer to your goal! 20 minute class.


A companion class to bolt-on post sweaty turbo, elliptical, row session. Enjoy seated poses to unwind and release. 15 minute class.

Building Low Back Strength

Short but sweet drills to increase low back strength and decrease pain. 15 minute class.

Slip n Slide Core Drills

Bolt it on to a longer class or use it as a super quick super charged session. 10 minute class.

Functional Sun Salutes

Perfect your sun salutes as we break down its key components. 10 minute class.

Step Through with Ease

Tips n Tricks to get you stepping through from down dog with ease. 10 minute class.

Shoulder Mobility

Perfect for riders. Use functional yoga to assess and correct shoulder mobility. 20 minute class.

Find Your Hip Flexors

Build strength to access those tricky poses. Crow, Warrior III, Tree and more. 20 minute class.