Under 30

Squished into the smallest nugget these classes cut out the faff and get straight to the good stuff.

Just a Good Stretch

Tired, tight muscles? When you just need a good stretch, this is the class for you. 30 min Class.

Just Flow

A Vinyasa practise that links breath and movement in a continual flow of poses with a few cheeky mobility drills to keep your body feeling good!

Low Back Love

Enjoy a nourishing, slow flow. Mixing flexion, extension and side bending goodness to get your low back singing sweetly. 30 minute class.

Cyclists Stretch & Release

A short practise targeting problem areas for the keen cyclist! Mobilise, stretch and release to feel better on your bike. 30 minute class.

Just Get Moving

A mobility practise to oil the gears and get you moving. If you’re struggling with motivation, had a break from your practise due to injury/illness, this is the class for you. 30 minute class.

Riders/Runners Quad Release

Loosen and release the quads and the associated muscle groups in this functional class. 30 minute class.

Mellow Flow

A low to the ground, mellow flow for the whole body. This would make a great evening, wind-down practise. 30 minute class.

Yoga for Wellbeing

Move and breath with sequences that gradually build in complexity. A perfect morning practise. 40 minutes class.

Express Yoga for Runners

The perfect post run cool down. Mobilise and stretch the ankles, calves and hamstrings, thoracic spine and neck. 15 minute class.

Flow When You’re Feeling Low

A practise for when you need to move but you’re too tired to move. 30 minute class.

Low Back Release

A gentle practise for the low back and hips, ideal for desk workers, long distance drivers and riders alike. 25 minute class.

Sleep Support

Cosy up for this gentle practise, designed to prepare mind and body for restful sleep. 25 minute class.

Release Neck & Shoulder Tension

Riders, loosen up overworked muscles and reduce pain. 25 minute class.

Creative Hamstrings

Playing with twists to increase hamstring flexibility. 30 minute class.

Spinal Debrief

A perfect mini sequence to combat sitting at your desk / in your car. 20 minute class.

Upper Body Strengthening Flow

The secret to a polished yoga practise… upper body strength! 30 minute class.

Happy Hips

Mobilise the hips 360 degrees in this fun flowing class. 30 minute class.

Pre Ride Wake-Up

Riders, fire up and switch on, ready for a day on the trails. 20 minute class.

Post Ride Release

Riders, ease out your tired and tight muscles post trail time. 30 minute class.

Going Upside Down

A fun flow that leads you into head stand play. 30 minute class.