Under 60

A class to lose yourself in as you refine your physical and mental yoga practise. Our recorded Live-Stream Classes can be found here too.

Flow & Go

A Vinyasa flow class created to help shift your mental state when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 40 minute class

Hip Hip Hooray

A mix of low to the floor flowing poses and Yin holds to bring nourishment to the hips and T spine. Look out for Suki Dog too! 40 minute class.

Here Comes the Sun

Looking to feel stronger and more confident in your Chatarunga and Up-Dog? In this class we’ll iron out the sticky spots as you perfect your Sun Salute! 40 min class.

Resilient Shoulder Flow

Enjoy this creative flowing class with a focus on building strong, resilient shoulders. 45 min Class.

Ease It Out

A flowing class designed to ease out physical and emotional tension through creative sequencing, to keep you firmly in the NOW. 60 minute class.

Rise and Glow

Give yourself a morning or midday buzz, with this mood and energy boosting flowing class. 50 minute class.

Getting Unstuck

Enjoy an energetic flowing class to help shift the slump. Be that emotional or physical. Expect to challenge your concentration through creative sequencing. 45 minute class.

Finding The Pause

Cultivate the stillness of the pause to find the strength and float for Side-Crow. This is an intermediate practise. 60 minute class.

Destination Headstand

Getting the pieces in place for a strong, light transition into headstand. We’ll play with pike, scissor and tuck lifts. 40 minute class.

Yoga for Energy

Need a little pick me up? Get ready to plug in and hit the boost button with this energising class that finishes with a Shoulder Stand inversion. 45 minute class.

Finding Your Balance

Need to restore a balance in your life? Dive in and loose yourself in fun, challenging single leg balance work. 60 minute class.

Hip Health

Let’s get the hips moving in all directions. Active hips equals pain free hips! 45 minutes class.

Upper Body Mobilisation

The neck, shoulders and wrists get some TLC in this mix of static mobilisation and slow flow. 40 minute class.

Move into Stillness

A blend of nourishing stretches followed by restorative poses to gradually move the body and mind into stillness and relaxation.

Make Space

Use breath and movement to make space in mind and body. This practise focuses on lateral flexion and thoracic mobilisation. 45 minute class.

Morning Energiser

Start your day right as you lubricate your body from cell to skin. 40 minute class.

Apres Work

A practise designed to help you defrag from your work day with slow flowing poses and nourishing stretches to close. 60 minute class.

Ankle & Foot Flexibility

Perfect for riders, this creative class targets feet and ankle mobility with a play into hero pose and Yogi squat. 40 minute class.

Building Resilience

Top up your reserves through breath and movement in this slow flowing class to help you cope with life’s stresses. 60 minute class.

Recruit the Glutes!

Get ready to feel the burn! Strong glutes equals a healthy back. 50 minute class.

Fire up your Core

A creative, block focused flow to fire up your core. 40 minute class.

Feel Good Flow

A gentle, whole body practise, designed to mobilise and awaken

Full Spine Flow

Activate your spine in this heat building slow flow. 40 minute class.

Find the Float

Switch on and engage the core, back and shoulders as you prep for a float into Crow Pose. 45 minute class.

Feel Good Back Bends

Back bends never felt so good. Say hello to a happy back as you strengthen the quads and glutes for Camel pose. 60 minute class.

Hamstring Flexibility for Riders

From stiff as a board to soft as putty. Let’s loosen those hamstrings. 50 minute class.