Live In-Person Classes

Get motivated, be challenge, and inspired. Our mat classes are designed to improve mobility and flexibility whilst increasing strength. Our Paddleboard Yoga classes will get you playing with balance and stability out in nature. Classes run as a 6-week progressive course.

£48.00 mat / £72.00 paddleboard

Livestream Classes

Learn and connect from the comfort of your own space, whilst keeping your practise fun and fresh. Set your camera so we can see you and receive direction and support from your teacher as you practise. Weekly classes on Tuesday 6:45pm, Wednesday 7am and Saturday 8:45am

£5.00 per class


You can’t give from an empty cup. Take an hour, take a day, take a weekend. Whatever you have to give let me and my trusted Yoga, Nature, Adventure buddies take care of you.


Registering for our In-Person 6-week courses

Step 1: Select the course you would like to join and checkout. Our 6-week Functional Yoga and Yoga for Riders In-Person live classes are £54.00. Our 6-week SUP Yoga In-Person classes are £72.00. The term times are listed within each event.

Step 2: Courses are popular, and places are limited. A course must be booked prior to week one of the course beginning. NOTE: should you miss this deadline contact We may have spaces available.
Step 3: Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email with a summary of the dates and times of each session.
Step 4: For mat classes: Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class starting. You MUST supply your own equipment. YOU WILL NEED: Yoga mat, 2 x yoga blocks. You may also like to bring a thin blanket or bath towel. A mask MUST be work on entering and leaving the building. Social distancing and sanitising of hands will be adhered to.

For SUP Yoga classes: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class starting. All equipment is provided. Please wear weather appropriate clothing (layers are best) and bring a spare set of clothing in case you get wet. To comply with COVID-19 regulations all kit is sanitized between uses and social distancing guidelines are followed.

Registering for our Livestream Zoom Classes

Step 1: Select the class you’d like to attend and checkout. To ensure you receive the relevant emails and information, we suggest booking 6+ hours in advance. Booking closes 30 minutes prior to class start time.
Step 2: You will receive an email confirmation after booking with the Zoom link for the class. Each class has a unique Zoom link.⁠⠀
Step 3: You will also have the opportunity to add the event to your ical/google calendar after you’ve submitted your booking.
Step 4: Ensure your computer & mat are set up horizontally so that your teacher can see you. This way you will receive valuable feedback and support. If you are not able to do that or prefer to have your camera off, please don’t worry.
Step 5: 5-10 minutes prior to class, click on the Zoom link. You will enter a virtual waiting room. Your teacher will admit you to class a few minutes before start time. You will be muted throughout the class but you can use the chatbox feature to ask a question.

New to Zoom?

  • To avoid a last-minute rush, set Zoom up on your phone or computer as soon as you have the class/workshop link. Simply click the link and download the app. When it’s time to join the class/workshop, click the link again.
  • Zoom has a useful help centre here with lots more tips and advice. If you can’t find your answer, please email

Helpful tips + guidance for practising online:

  • When you join, your camera won’t be showing. Click the ‘start video’ button. That way the teacher and others can see you and you can interact, which is an important part of our online classes (bed hair and pyjamas are welcome). You are also welcome to switch the camera off if you prefer.
  • You’ll be muted upon entry; please stay muted otherwise it is difficult for others to hear the teacher’s instructions.
  • If you have an injury, arrive in the Zoom room 10 minutes early to tell your teacher about it through the private chat function.
  • If you are pregnant and have never practised yoga before, it’s best you attend a pregnancy yoga class or a workshop specifically for pregnant women.
  • Clear the space as best you can, moving furniture to the side so that you have room to practice safely.
  • Practising yoga at home often means more distractions. It helps to turn off your phone notifications and separate yourself from the rest of the world as best you can (we’ve noticed pets love to join in and we don’t mind if you don’t).
  • It’s great if you have yoga props like a brick, block or strap, but don’t worry if you don’t. Improvise with a book, blankets, a belt and pillows.



Live-Stream Classes. On-Demand Library. Monthly Yoga Immersion. 14 day FREE Trial. No contract. Pay What You Feel £10.00-£30.00 p/m.